home remodelWhen you’re having a home remodel project, you might encounter unexpected changes. These changes can affect your project’s plans and budget. They’re called “change orders.”

Let’s explore what change orders are, when to talk about them, how to tell if they’re optional or necessary, how they affect your project’s timing, when to discuss costs, and how to protect your warranty.

What Are Change Orders In A Home Remodel?

Change orders are like unexpected twists in your home renovation story. They’re additional tasks or alterations that pop up, potentially changing the original plan and budget for your project. There are three main types of change orders:

Site Condition Changes: These surprises occur when something unexpected is found during construction. It could be hidden defects or things not following the plan behind walls, in foundations, or in the essential systems of your building like plumbing, electrical, or structure.

Client Request Changes: Imagine you’ve signed a contract, but then you decide you’d like a different type of tile or want to add something extra to the project. These changes are driven by your preferences and requests.

Error and Omission Changes: Sometimes, mistakes happen, or there’s something missing in the original plan. These changes are necessary to make sure your project meets all the requirements and objectives.

When Should You Talk About Change Orders?

It’s crucial to establish clear communication about change orders from the beginning of your project. Before any construction work begins on these changes, make sure both you and your project manager are aware of them.

You should receive detailed information about what each change involves and how much it will cost you. However, if there’s an emergency or a safety issue, immediate action may be required without prior notice.

home remodelHow Do You Tell If a Change Order Is Optional or Mandatory?

Change orders can fall into two categories: optional and mandatory.

Optional Change Orders

These are changes that are entirely up to you. You have the choice to decide whether you want to proceed with them or not.

Mandatory Change Orders

These changes are usually required by law or they are suggested by contractors to improve the project. For instance, if an unforeseen problem arises during construction, like damage to a structural component or a safety concern, fixing it is mandatory to ensure your project meets legal standards. To prepare for these unexpected issues, it’s a good idea to have some extra funds set aside, especially if your home is older or your project is complex.

How Do Change Orders Affect Your Project’s Timing?

Adding more work to your project can impact its timeline. The bigger the changes, the more time it might take to complete the project. Additionally, external factors like delays in getting materials, such as doors or windows, can affect your project’s schedule. Discussing potential delays with your contractor can help you plan for them.

When’s the Best Time to Talk About Costs?

The best time to discuss costs related to change orders is before you sign the contract with your Keller general contractor. Once the home remodel project is underway, it becomes more challenging to negotiate prices for changes.

You’ll need to make quick decisions on approving or declining changes to avoid home remodel project delays. However, you can still ask your contractor for cost-effective alternatives. Contractors should always provide you with a fair price for the changes.

How Can Your Warranty Be Affected?

Maintaining a valid warranty is essential for the long-term well-being of your project. Your warranty could be voided if someone other than your general contractor in Keller TX gets involved in the original scope of work.

If you decide to take on some of the additional construction work yourself, make sure that your contractor remains solely responsible for the work they’re performing. This way, they can legally provide you with a warranty for their part of the project. It’s important to have clear documentation or agreements to clarify who did what in your project.

In summary, change orders are a common part of the renovation process. They often arise due to unforeseen circumstances or evolving preferences. Having some contingency funds set aside and maintaining open communication with your project manager can help you navigate these changes smoothly and ensure a successful Keller home renovation project.

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